Jared Marc Song Kye-Jet

Entrepreneur, software engineer, technology evangelist.

About me

A cybersecurity practitioner for the Singapore Armed Forces, and machine learning junkie in my free time.



Experienced reverse engineer and malware analyst. Founding member of top Singporean capture-the-flag team, Social Engineering Experts.

Machine learning

Computer vision and natural language processing practitioner. Published author of Studying The Effect of MIL Pooling Filters on MIL Tasks.


Founder & CEO of Marketsurf, a social media sentiment analytics company for business intelligence and market research.

Other Interests

In my free time, I enjoy cinematography and deep house, as well as taking photographs. I gym every weekend too!



I've been a student for most of my life, so this is mostly where it's at! I'm passionate about computers and technology, and my choice of academic pursuits reflects that.




BSc (Information Systems) & BBM



Hwa Chong Institution

'A' Levels




BEng, Information Security


About my experiences

I'm passionate about technology and how it powers the world. Through my employment, I've discovered a little bit more about how the world works. I've worked at the intersection of technology and people, figuring out ways to use tech to enable, empower and improve teaching and learning. I've also used computers to help doctors make better judgments about cancer.



Infocomm Media Development Authority

Product Management Intern

At IMDA, I develop product processes to streamline the development and selection of products aligned with key national initiatives like Digital Economy and Smart Nation.


Singapore Armed Forces
Cyber Defence School

Assistant Trainer, Course Sergeant

As Asst. Trainer, I assist in the training of Cyber Specialists, ensuring that Singapore's cyber competencies remain tip-top. Additionally, as Course Sergeant, I ensure that my trainees maintain the discipline expected of commanders in the Armed Forces. Throughout my tenure, I have redesigned the Summary Exercise to be more suited to today's cyber landscape and streamlined grading through the implementation of scripting.


Centre for Strategic
Infocomm Technologies

Cyber Security Specialist

At CSIT, I contributed to malware analysis and reverse engineering tasks, and developed proficiency in analyzing malware as well as techniques authors would use to obfuscate the functionality of their nefarious applications. Gained intimate familiarity with the C family of programming languages and x86 assembly.


Bioinformatics Institute
Agency for Science, Technology and Research

Research Intern

While interning at the Bioinformatics Institute, I contributed to the implementation of a novel kernel density estimation layer for image classification tasks, implementing this layer from building blocks using both the Tensorflow as well as PyTorch libraries for greater efficiency. As a token of my contributions, I was listed as co-author in the final academic paper.



Jared is a great teammate to work with and has demonstrated a high level of competency in various cybersecurity skills, including reverse engineering and malware analysis.
Zhang Zeyu

Cyber Security Specialist




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